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bInspired X Hg

Hg partnered with bloss.m to increase representation of underrepresented groups, such as women and people of colour, through the bInspired Mentoring Programme. 

bInspired X Unilever

In 2019, bloss.m collaborated with the Women in Tech network to launch the first ever version of the bInspired programme. This initiative involved matching six female students with six female mentors from Unilever. 

bInspired X Lloyds Banking Group

Committed to representing and embracing Britain’s diversity, Lloyds Banking Group believes in tackling stereotypes and challenges to broaden the opportunities for young women across all backgrounds in STEM-related careers. 


Unilever Impact Report

Unilever collaborated with bloss.m to create a mentoring programme that connects young women from diverse backgrounds to women in the workplace to help increase their confidence, inspire them to aim higher and support them by providing learning and development models.

LLoyds Bank Impact Report

By facilitating a knowledge and experience exchange with LBG’s Women ConnecTech, mentees are equipped with the necessary theory and practical skills to pursue opportunities in STEM-related careers.

Hg Impact Report

The bInspired Mentoring Programme at Hg aimed to provide a comprehensive mentoring experience for young women where each mentee was paired with a female mentor from Hg for personalised 1-2-1 mentoring. The program also included tailored group sessions, networking opportunities, and a series of theoretical and practical workshops.