What do I gain from being a community member?

You get the unique opportunity to bloss.m into your full potential with these perks:

• Access to premium resources like downloadable eBooks and guides.

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• Being part of a community of purpose-driven women who will provide support to you, unconditionally.

How can I collaborate with your company for the bInspired programme?

Complete this form and share more information on how many mentees you’re willing to host, and our team will contact you. We look forward to collaborating with you.

How do I become a guest on your podcast?

We’d love to have you on! Fill out this form and tell us what you intend to share with our commuity. A member of our team will contact you.

How do I sign up for your newsletter?

Join our community here, fill out your full name and email address and click on subscribe!

How do I apply for the bInspired mentorship programme?

We thought you’d never ask... It’s simple, fill out and submit the application form for the programme.

What is the bInspired mentorship programme?

So happy you’re interested! This is a mentorship programme aimed at equipping young women with the toolkit, skills and experience needed to thrive not only in the business world but in life at large.

How do I join the bloss.m community?

Sign up to be a community member by clicking on the link in the footer to access our subscribe form.

Who are the founders of the bloss.m brand?

Lola Olaore founded the organisation in 2018 on returning from One Young World. It has always been a dream-turned-reality to create an organisation that supports young women.

She has been joined by Tom Chu and Theodora, who have supported and believed in the vision of ensuring no young women is left behind.