Excelling in the new academic year

How can you prepare and maintain success throughout the academic year? Well I have put together tips and advice drawing on my own thoughts and some lessons that I learnt from Angela Duckworth.
Written by bloss.m team

Learning beyond the classroom; ideas and resources

The current situation that we find ourselves in has meant school closures, online lessons, and video calls day in day out.
Written by bloss.m team

LinkedIn tips and tricks every successful student should know

If you’re in school, this is the perfect time to make a LinkedIn page to network, get acquainted with the platform, find a job, and build your online personal brand.
Written by Merel Melchers

Consistency is key

Consistency is the key to success in many areas of life, from fitness to business to relationships. When you are consistent, you are taking steady, regular steps towards your goals.
Written by Syah

Female-led inspirational instagram accounts to follow

To commemorate the work of influential women, I will be sharing three top Instagram profiles, all run by amazing women!
Written by Sinem Ishlek